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Civil Movement

It cultivates a civic consciousness and leadership, and approaches to various social issues to develop a civic movement for the unification and development of community.
-Fair Election Movement, Monitoring for Local Council Activities, Consumer Movement, Environmental Movement

Youth Activities
It develops a variety of activity so as to grow into a fine teenagers possessed a democratic social member, historical consciousness of responsibility, and leadership for a sound rearing of them.
- Hi-Y, International Work Camp, Youth Campaign, Cultural Festival, Youth Forum

Youth Patrol Program
It protects teens from the unwholesome mass media, activities, places and matters which can hamper the sound growth of teens, It also purges harmful environment from this sociey and is left in charge of Incheon Youth Guardians by Incheon city government.

Social Phisics Program
It provides physical programs that introduce an universal and progressive sports activity, which general population can easily participate in the life-time sports.
-Summer & Winter Camp Program, Physics Program for developmentabilitydisabled.

Social Education Program
It arranges the foundation of a sound and desirable cultural activity from baby to adult based on the YMCA's spirit to provide a educational program that is a help to the establishment of correct values, emotional life, and increasing of social skill.
- Field Trip Program, Social educational Program for children & Adult, Certificate Programs for Adult, Barista Program.

Kids Sports Club Program
The education of Pre-school kid's sports program have a common curriculum with worldwide YMCA laid emphasis on the education for the whole man such as spirit, mind and body by physical activity.
- Swimming, Camping, Inline Skating, Indoor & Outdoor Program.

Social Welfare
It provides a variety of welfare service such as a leisure and cultural enjoyment of high quality beyond a solution level of material poverty with the object of providing the developed welfare service for quality improvement of life based on the Christianity spirit.

- Operating Two Comprehensive Social Welfare Center named Mansoo & Galsan, Operating Three Day Care Center.