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Welcome to the Incheon YMCA and thank you for visiting our website.The Incheon YMCA, established in 1948, has dedicated to making a better world as the Christian & civic groups, together with Incheon citizens.


Under the slogan ‘Dream for Youth, Energy for City, Sharing with neighbors’, The Incheon YMCA including its 8,000 membership and 70 workers has expanded its influence on society.


The main center in Guwol-dong has several branch offices around Incheon - the 5 branches in Seo-gu (cheongna branch), Yeonsu-gu (songdo branch), the 2 day-care centers (Cheongcheon 1-dong day-care center and Campustown day-care centers), and Yeonsu2dong Together-care center.


The Incheon YMCA advances well with much help from the board of directors, the commitments, and the Y's men club organized for supporting YMCA, and they are Incheon YMCA's precious manpower resources.


The Incheon YMCA will keep relying on the Lord and will lead a civic movements with 'Caring, Respect, Honesty, Responsibility', and 'Community Care Service' program for  citizens.


Please keep watching and supporting the development of Incheon YMCA and the commitment to work for the poor and minorities.​